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My name is Alicia Naser. I'm first and foremost, a human alongside you. I'm passionate about the things that make life what it is- people & their stories, travel, deep sea diving, captivating books, emotionally-moving music, beautiful sunsets, and Formula1. I travel often, play as much tennis as possible, and find joy in almost anything outdoors.

My interest in psychology stems from living through my own complexities, and realizing that at the end of the day, all humans want the same thing- love and belonging. My contribution to this life takes many forms- be it my work with patients clinically, writing and contributing to media outlets, researching, essays on my blog, or working one on one with my clients virtually. 

Alicia Naser M.Ed., BCBA 

Doctoral Candidate

Board Certified & Licensed Behavior Analyst


I'm a Doctoral candidate in Applied Behavior Analysis, and a Board Certified & Licensed Behavior Analyst. Clinically, my work is person-centered and rooted in functional contextualism. I am a radical behaviorist and follow the Skinnerian school of thought. 

Sharing my work is an honor, and I've been lucky to be an expert mental health contributor for various organizations and news outlets such as Arab America, The Novak Djokovic Foundation, and Remble, a relationship-guided and expert-led app.

Humans have a tendency to view difficult thoughts & emotions as problems to be solved, things to get rid of. So, we attempt to problem solve the same way we would any other 'problem'... but private events aren't problems that need solving, they are events that beg for understanding. 

The latest from my blog 

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I find it comforting and connecting to share a thought or two with you. I'm not one for urgency culture & a flooded inbox so trust when I say, I won't overdo it. The occasional email here and there. We're all travelers on the journey of life, it's an honor to journey with you. 
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