A Few Hard Truths To Improve Your Life

Jun 01, 2022

Your emotions might be valid but that doesn’t mean your reactions are.

If your values are shitty, your life will be shitty.

You should care what people think about you (to a certain extent), we are social creatures & ever since the dawn of time we have lived in tribes, communities, and togetherness. A healthy awareness of what others think about you indicates conscious awareness of one's behavior in community, and an understanding for relational self-awareness. That doesn't mean this should be all-consuming or, your only focus.

If you haven't learned to set boundaries, tolerate emotional discomfort, or constantly need to be “validated“, yes- you’re behind. These are skills adults should have. Self-responsibility is a real thing; Familiarize yourself with it.


You don't need to "work on yourself" you just need to live your life and understand the ambiguity of life is such that we are all "working on ourselves"; the "working" is actually the "living"

Accept that others might know more than you. accept that others might see something about you that you're incapable of seeing. be interested and curious. learn from them. it's okay to not know everything & it's okay to be wrong. it's not okay to flip the fck out when people call you out on your shit, get defensive, or shut people down.

If you find that you judge or write someone off because they have a difficult past or because of what you heard from someone far removed from them- that's a good indication you should check yourself. judging others sheds light on your own bag of crap needing to be dealt with.

Each of us is more than the worst thing we've ever done (Bryan Stevenson)

Learn to laugh at yourself, people who take themselves seriously are often easily-angered or get defensive when people poke fun at them. What if you joined them in laughing at yourself? What might you gain? The cliche that no one makes it out alive is true for a reason. if we’re all going to die one day, loosen up- you might be better for it.

Get clear on your values; they direct your behavior.

Unlearn the narrative that the world is against you; resentment & bitterness move you in the opposite direction of happiness & fulfillment. it’s not the case that people are waiting to see you fail.

Don't wait to do the things you want to do.the longer you wait the less guaranteed time you have to actually do them. On their deathbed, most people wish they would have traveled to the place they wanted to travel- or learned that hobby they had been interested in for so long. do the damn thing.


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