How We Relate To Our Problems

Jan 09, 2022

Our stories about the problems in our life often cause more pain than the problems themselves. 

It’s not the stories that we tell ourselves about who we are, it’s the death grip we have on those stories. 

It’s possible to get out of your head & into your life. 

It might be difficult, and you’ll likely need support along the way, but it’s possible. 

I know because it has been shown to be possible for my clients and, aside from that, it was possible for me.

The very thing I grew up thinking was flawed about me is the very thing today that makes what I do work. 

It’s the very thing that helps me thrive in my quest to guide ppl toward a more fulfilling life. 

Attached to the story of being “too much”, my adult life became a replication of my childhood just in a different form. 

Until it didn’t.

You see, I had been attached to this story/problem of how I

spoke too much

talked too loud

was too emotional

had too much energy

So, naturally, my behavior thoughts, and choices reflected this narrative.

I didn’t understand how to be any other way though. This was me. 

and trying to be some other way + viewing myself as a problem:

caused me a lot of suffering

lost me a lot of friends

missed me out on a lot of love 

Eventually, after a lot of hard work, I loosened up the grip I had on this narrative. 

And when you do that, life meets you halfway. 

My talking too much & too loud seem to come in handy nowadays, considering the majority of my work requires me to talk- 

To put into words what others might struggle to articulate.

To put words to the human experience so that people can better understand themselves in order to get unstuck.

This work I do with my clients wouldn’t be nearly as effective if I wasn’t as emotionally intelligent as I am. 

What was once “too emotional” is now the very thing about me that pulls people my way. 

Self-acceptance & self-forgiveness are difficult because they’re blocked from getting out of the house by shame, who’s standing at the front door unwilling to move. 

From my own experience, I can assure you, there’s probably a different door… one free of barriers…

You just have to be willing to use it.

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