The Paradox of Ukraine and Palestine

Apr 28, 2022

This is not to downplay at all what is happening to Ukrainians. If anything, we Palestinians can sympathize with them beyond belief because we have been, for countless years on end, in the exact position they are finding themselves in now. And this is the very point I wish to make; All of a sudden, people are finding it hard and difficult to handle the weight of the world of what's happening in Ukraine, but I wonder why they haven't paid attention to the importance of what has been happening to innocent Palestinians for decades. Literally the same exact thing but worse. Why worse? Because Ukrainians fleeing their country are able to seek refuge. Refugees. And where are they seeking that refuge? The borders of Poland where they are picked up and taken into comfort by kind Polish citizens (amazing humanity by the way). Can Palestinians do that? No, Why? Because they are landlocked and they are kept under occupation, under siege by land and by air and by sea. They literally live within a prison and they have no border to escape to. Their only escape is death. So before anyone wants to tell me what is happening in Ukraine is difficult for them to hear about & to watch, please, go see what the Israelis are doing, and have been doing to the Palestinians for countless years on end. To the innocent children. Then, talk about difficult to watch. We should care about suffering, war, and refugees because of the pain, trauma, and destruction it causes, and we must do so without selectively choosing the race or religion of the individuals, who of which are subjected to a situation they never asked for, we care about. No matter the country, the race, the religion- the brain & body likely will never forget. If you care this much about what is happening to Ukrainians (and Russians), then you should, no, you MUST care equally about what is happening to Palestinians.

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